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Free Membership

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Rs 0 For 15 Days
Bonus Credit 5
Credit(s) per Job posting 5
Credit(s) per Featured Job 5
Credit(s) per Hot Job 10
Credit(s) per Resume View 3
Price for 1 Credit Rs 20.00
Job expires in (max.) 15 Days
Plan Grace Period 5 Days
Silver Membership

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Rs 10 For 3 Months
Bonus Credit 20
Credit(s) per Job posting 3
Credit(s) per Featured Job 3
Credit(s) per Hot Job 5
Credit(s) per Resume View 2
Price for 1 Credit Rs 10.00
Job expires in (max.) 30 Days
Plan Grace Period 20 Days
Gold Membership

This is Gold membership plan

Rs 50 For 6 Months
Bonus Credit 50
Credit(s) per Job posting 2
Credit(s) per Featured Job 2
Credit(s) per Hot Job 2
Credit(s) per Resume View 1
Price for 1 Credit Rs 5.00
Job expires in (max.) 60 Days
Plan Grace Period 30 Days
Platinum Membership

This is Platinum membership plan

Rs 100 For 1 Years
Bonus Credit 100
Credit(s) per Job posting 1
Credit(s) per Featured Job 1
Credit(s) per Hot Job 1
Credit(s) per Resume View Free
Price for 1 Credit Rs 1.00
Job expires in (max.) 90 Days
Plan Grace Period 45 Days
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